Ephemeral messenger

non-verbal communication

Interaction Design

Umeå Institute of Design

Year / Duration

2010 / 1 week

Teaming up with

Jennifer Sarich-Harvey


The ephemeral messenger allows people to communicate from the distance by writing messages on a sand box installed at home. The message receiver at home knows he/she partner is thinking about her without the need of any verbal communication.

This excercise was made during the 4th week of the experience prototyping course in the Umeå Institute of Design given by Matt Cottam and Brian Hinch.

Video on use

The video shows how the final working prototype works.

The video was taken during the small exhibition at Uid at the end of the workshop.

Message in the sand

Taking the metaphore of writting message on th sand to express emotions, we came up with this particular concept to explore non-verbal communication.

The sand box is installed at home and represents a container of temporary messages from your beloved people.

The scribble made on the sand let the light pass through the diffusor. By doing this, the user sending the message from his/her mobile also helps to change the mood of the room where the box is installed.


This video is a documentation of the week when the workshop was given.

This video is both for me as a personal documentation and for you if you want to know more details about the process and progress during that week. Enjoy!