Natural furniture




Year / Duration

2007 / 1 week


This design aims to make possible the contact between man and nature for those persons who do not have time to visit a park regularly or for those who, for any reason, do not have the possibility to go out from home such as people with disabilities or the elderly. 

It also proposes a 'living' object design. This object has to be fed and looked after. This fact establishes a stronger user-object interaction.


The relation between human beings and nature will always be of high importance. Unfortunately, there are several factors thanks to the fact of living in a big city- that prevent us from having this interaction with nature more frequently.

The shortage of green areas, the fast rhythm of life and environmental pollution are some of the reasons that provoke this lack of relation in big cities.

Take care of your sofa!!

You have to take care of your sofa in order to maintain the grass in good conditions.

The image of the live furniture can change from time to time, depending on the weather conditions, season, light and the care given by the user.