Olympic board

Multilayering information

Interaction Design

Umeå Institute of Design

Year / Duration

2008 / 4 weeks


The overall aim of this project is to move away from the WIMP format and explore alternative approaches for visualising screenbased information. 

This project allows at least ten levels of information to be displayed simultaneously, and allows the user to focus on one graphic element at a time whilst at the same time maintaining a visual awareness of the other elements.


This animation shows how the use of different levels of opacity, animation, transitions and supporting graphic elements help prioritize the information. 

The animation explores different stages where three different sports are prioritized at the time.

The sports shown are 200m race, basketball and boxing.

What info to show?

The display has to be able to show information about three different sports at the same time.

The selected sports to be shown on the screen are: basketball, 200 m race and boxing. 

Each one of these sports have their different timings, qualification systems and dynamics which were analysed and reflected in the final design.


The main areas where the sports would be shown were defined. Each sport have a different areas where the information is displayed. 

The form of each area is directly related to the places/fields where the sports are played.

Prioritizing information

Since the objective was to explore the possibilities of using graphic forms, layering and animation in interface design, the factors to consider during the development of the project were included shape, color, composition, transparency and behavior.  

In this image it can be seen that the level of opacity used in a multilayered screen helps to highlight the info in the middle.


The screen will be placed in a public square as part of a major global event. A common challenge when designing public boards is that the information needs to be very clear and easy to understand in a very short period of time.  

The screen size is 5 meters width by 3 meters height.