Haptics workshop

Sketches to explore haptics

Experience prototyping

Umeå Institute of Design

Year / Duration

2010/ 1 week


Series of sketches made with the purpose of exploring the exciting world of haptics. The goals was to come up with three variation of a haptic sketches inspired in one keyword chosen from a list of words related haptics.

This excercise was made during the 3rd week of the experience prototyping course in the Umeå Institute of Design given by Camille Moussette.

Moving mouse

Excercise exploring the possibility of getting haptics feedback in a computer mouse.

Two servo motors connected to each other by a wide piece of rigid wire underneath the piece of cloth made the trick. The motors are controlled by a potentiometer connected to arduino.

Poking your fingertips

Just exploring the feeling of poking your fingertips at different speeds and with different materials.

The sketch is working with a small dc motor controlled by a proximity sensor connected to arduino.

Press and navigate

During this week I also wanted to explore more working with analog sketches to recreate different feeling when controlling something.

This is a series of three sketches made by simple pieces of wood connected to each other by springs. Each piece have different amount of springs with different levels of resistance and placed in different positions.

Filling the gaps

Analog sketch exploring the feeling of filling the gaps between the fingers to fit different proportions of hands.

Hand massager

Sketch made in wood with several motors (one underneath each fingertip) to explore different feelings produced by motors running at different speeds.

Sketch controlled with a motor shield connected to arduino. The sketch contains in total: 4 dc motors, 1 vibrator, 1 proximity sensor, 1 motor shield and 1 arduino board.


This video is a documentation of the week when the workshop was given.

This video is both for me as a personal documentation and for you if you want to know more details about the process and progress during that week. Enjoy!