Water hammock

Experimental design workshop

Experimental design

Vitra Design Museum

Year / Duration

2003 / 1 week


This idea aims to bring the experience of being lying down over water into an indoors environment.

This project was conceived originally during an experimental workshop called "Wellness design", given by the Swiss designer, Robert Wettstein. 

The yearly organization of these workshops takes part in Boisbuchet, France by the Vitra Design Museum of Germany and the Centre Georges Pompidou of France


Considering the relaxation state as a human being's necessity, I found that the sound of water is one of the nature elements that helps and stimulates the human mind to accomplish a true relaxation state. 

Subsequently, during the development, a multisensorial experience was intended to obtain. This experience, not only stimulates the hearing sense, but also touch and sight.

User experience

To uphold the concept of water as a mean of relaxation, a simulator was built.

The hammock produces sound of water while swinging. The water bags hanging over the user's head are filled up on different proportions to generate a mix of water sounds depending on the swinging rhythm of the hammock.