Global Position System

for high mountain sports

Industrial Design


Year / Duration

2004 / 4 weeks


This is a product design project based on understanding and analyzing the aesthetic aspects of the existing products used for high mountain sports.

Characteristics such as color, harmony, rhythm, symmetry, texture and material were taken into account for the final proposal.

User activities

The research stage was about talking to people who practice mountain sports and studying the objects they use while performing the activities.

The activities this specific user group practices are: climbing, rappelling, hiking, trekking, camping and mountaineering.


The GPS design has taken up the traditional shape of a compass rose based on a composition of eight convergent lines. All the lines converge in a central point.


Following the same concept, several sketches were made to find the final configuration.

Playing with aspects such as proportions, composition, interface elements and material were considered duting this stage.



The information shown on the screen is related directly to the physical buttons of the device. 

In case a pressure or temperature change occurs, the system will automatically enable an alarm (feedback) indicating that the user must check the screen due some drastical changes in temperature, pressure or some other kind of problem..



The product has the function to provide information to the user about his/her location, time zone, topography and weather.