Stop motion animation

Experience prototyping

Umeå Institute of Design

Year / Duration

2010 / 2 days

Teaming up with

Joachim Falck-Hansen



We used a classic model of a hasselblad camera which is incomplete at the beginning of the story. While the camera encounters the missing parts along the story, it gets different capabilities until it´s complete.

This excercise was made during the 1st week of the experience prototyping course in the Umeå Institute of Design given by Timo Arnall, Matt Cottam and Camille Moussette.

Stop Motion animation video

This video is the result of the final exercise of this workshop.



We spent one full day for finding an object, defining the story and elaborating the storyboard.

This is a screenshot of the story board made in cinemek (iphone app) for creating storyboards.

Setting up

One of the most important parts of creating a nicely shot video is the setting. Considering the tools we had and the space to work in, we tried to adapt to get the best possible setting for the final shooting.



The shooting was made in around 12 hours. We took nearly 1500 shots in HD to make this animation.

Using a canon 20D SLR camera connected to dragon as a main software tool.

Documentation of the process

This video is a documentation of the whole week of the stop motion animation workshop.

This is both for me as a personal documentation and for you if you want to know more details about the process and progress during that week. Enjoy!