Color Me!

Wireless communication workshop

Experience prototyping

Umeå Institute of Design

Year / Duration

2010 / 3 days

Teaming up with

Lauren Javor and Joachim Falck-Hansen



The user can change the color of a lamp wirelessly by placing wooden cubes on a remote contolled reader. The light changes color depending on the associated RGB values to each wooden cube.

This excercise was made during the 2nd week of the experience prototyping course in the Umeå Institute of Design given by Camille Moussette.

Video of the working prototype

This video shows how the final prototype works.


Wireless connection

There are two arduino boards talking to each other wirelessly through a onef XBee module connected to them.

On one side there is a RFID reader and on the other side and RGB LED.

XBee modules

In order to get the two arduino board communicating wirelessly, we used XBee to send the signal from the RFID reader to the RGB LED. 

Radio frquency identification (RFID)

RFID technology allows us to identify the color cubes with an unique ID. Knowing the value of the tag attached to each cube, we assignated a RGB value to be sent to the RGB LED every time the reader detects a tag.

By getting the right RGB values associated to each tag, we achieved to change the light to the particular color of the wooden block.


This video is a documentation of the week when the workshop was given.

This video is both for me as a personal documentation and for you if you want to know more details about the process and progress during that week. Enjoy!