Chill out zone

Ephemeral architecture

Experimental design


Year / Duration

2004 / 4 weeks

Teaming up with

Vanessa Sattele and José Ledón



This project explores the different postures of the human body as it evolves from a state of tension to a complete and relaxed posture. 

Finalist project in the ephemeral architecture contest during the Contemporary Art Fair ARCO in Madrid.


Mind maps and models

Several mind maps were made in order to come up with the final concept. To evaluate the final form both 3D digital and physical models were built for refining the shape, scale and composition.  

Human posture for chilling out

The concept offers the possibility of resting in many different positions.


The keyword of this project is 'transition'.

The space itself represents an area of transition between one exhibition area and another one inside the space where the fair is held.

The final shape also allows the user take a rest in many different ways depending on the level of tiredness.


Final result

The final result is a single piece of furniture which shape starts as a wall, then a seat, and finally blends with the floor.

The installation would be implemented during the Fair of Contemporary Art in Madrid 2005.