Airplane Seat

Human factors / Anthropometry

Industrial design


Year / Duration

2003 / 5 weeks

In collaboration with

Mario Ortiz/ Héctor Hernández/Alan Méndez


Proposal of a new airplane seat exploring the use of new materials to make it more confortable for longer trips and reduce the weight which is translated in less fuel consumption by the plane.

A simulator was built as a starting point for developing the product. The simulator was very useful for identifying and understanding people's physical ergonomic needs.

Antropometrics evauation

The prototype enabled to correct the dimensions of the seat much faster before the final CAD modelling.

Lack of space is a crucial aspect when it comes to positioning seat inside an airplane. The prototype allowed us to explore different possibilities to take the most advantages of the available space.


Some advantages

The final design is a very light and comfy seat using different material than the ones are currently installed in most planes.

At a functional level, the total weight of the seat is reduced, resulting in a considerable decrease in fuel consumption.  

In this way the product offers a many advantages to the user, the airline, the producer and the environment.


Materials and appeareance

The manufacture of this product is proposed using different materials. 

An innovative appearance and the ergonomic demands were achieved to satisfy the airplane's passengers.