A bit about me

I am a mexican designer curious about the intersections of human behavior, information and new technologies.

I firmly believe interaction design is about creating delightful experien-ces for people and facilitating communication between humans through products or services.

I am convinced that by taking into account all the physical, psycholo-gical and emotional aspects of the people we are designing for, we can enhance the experience of perfor-ming everyday activities for them.

Personal Information

Benjamín López


MA in Interaction Design
Umeå Institute of Design
Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden 

BA in Industrial Design
Research Center in Industrial Design
National Autonomous University of Mexico,
Mexico City, México

Design skills

> User-centered design
> User research
> Creative methods
> Concept generation
> Problem solving
> Project Management
> Teamwork
> Information Architecture
> Graphic Identity 
> Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi Prototyping

Software and programming skills

> 3D / Rhinoceros, Autocad, Mechanical Desktop, Solid Works, 3d Sudio Max

> Graphics / Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Fireworks

> Animation/ After Effects, Flash, 3d Studio Max, Flash Catalyst.

> Programming / Arduino, Processing, Action Script 3.0, HTML, CSS

> Video and Sound editing
After effects, Premiere, Audacity


> Spanish, native speaker
> English, fluent
> French, intermediate
> Italian and Swedish, basic


SIDeR 09 / Flirting with the Future
Paper presented
‘Complex interaction in Specialized Vehicles’
Prototyped Visions by the next Generations
Eindhoven, The netherlands, April 2009

‘Coffee Instruments’
Automatic Coff ee Maker
National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)
Mexico, September 2005


TEI 2011 / Tangible and Embedded Interactions
‘Tangible embedded and embodied interactions’
Madeira, Portugal, February 2011

Media Spaces 2010 / Humlab
‘From the gardens of Versailles to Spatial robots’
Umeå, Sweden, December 2010


‘Ephemeral Architecture’
Second Place
Contemporary Art Fair
Madrid, Spain 2005

Academic Extra-curricular courses

‘Creative Spaces'
World Design Capital 2012
Given by the organizers of the event
Helsinki, 2011

‘Code as Design Material'
Advanced Programming with Processing
Given by Karsten Schmidh
Umeå, Sweden 2010

‘Ergonomics + Design’
Designing for special populations
Given by Alain Findelli,México 2004 

‘Wellness Design’
Boisbouchet Workshops
Given by Robert Wettstein, Swiss Designer
Boisbouchet, France
September 2003 

‘Bio-Inspired Design’
How to apply shapes & structures from nature
Given by Janitzio Égido Villarreal
México 2007

‘Sense and Design’
Given by Alberto Villarreal
Research Center in Industrial Design,
UNAM, México
December 2004